Bikes on Metro

Sometimes bikes aren’t enough to get you where you want to go. However, combining your bike trip with NFTA Metro is now easier than ever.


Metro Buses are equipped with bike racks, and each rack can hold two standard bikes. Although it’s easy to secure a bike to the rack, here are some rules and tips to follow:

  • All loose items not attached to your bike should be removed and taken on the bus
  • A bike must be secured in the rack with the locking bar; no additional locks are allowed.
  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your bike onto and from the rack. The bus operator is not allowed to physically assist you with this task.
  • At your stop, make sure you tell the bus operator that you will be retrieving your bike from the rack.




Whether you are headed for work, school, shopping or just fun, you and your bike can ride Metro Rail for a single fare. The following are rules and safety tips for anticipating in this program:

  • All Metro Rail cars can accommodate two bikes per car in the areas designated for wheelchairs.
  • When boarding a train with a bike, please wait until other passengers have boarded or exited.
  • When boarding a train in an underground station, enter the front door of any car. If you are going downtown you should board the first car in order to take advantage of the elevated platform when exiting.
  • When boarding a train downtown in Buffalo Place, enter the front door only of the first car using the elevated platform.
  •  In underground stations, use the elevators to and from the train platform. DO NOT carry bikes up or down the stairs or on the escalators.
  • Riding of bicycles in Metro Stations is strictly prohibited. Please walk your bike in and around the stations.


Bike racks are also located at each Metro Rail Station if you would like to bike to a station and then take the train the rest of the way. Remember to properly lock your bike to the racks and do not leave your bike there over night. Bicycle lockers are available at University Station and LaSalle Station.


For more information about bikes on Metro, click here. You can also contact NFTA’s Customer Service at 716-855-7211, then press zero.