Passes & Fares

Metro tickets and passes are valid on Metro Buses and Metro Rail. Reduced fares (half-price) are offered for children ages 5-11, seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities or Medicare recipients with proper ID. Standard fares are listed below.

  • 1-Way Ticket: $2
  • Day Pass (unlimited trips within 24 hours): $5
  • 7-Day Pass (unlimited trips within 7 days): $25
  • 30-Day Pass (unlimited trips within 30 days): $75
  • Monthly Pass (unlimited trips between first and last day of month): $75
  • Summer GO Pass (unlimited trips for ages 17 and under during summer months): $60



Monthly Passes can be purchased online at the Metro Store. NFTA Metro will ship the passes to you for free. Click here to purchase passes. Monthly Passes can also be purchased at the following retail outlets: Tops, Dash’s Market and Parkside Pharmacy.

Metro Bus: Tickets and day passes can be purchased once you board the bus. Exact fare is required and is cash only.

Metro Rail: Tickets and passes can be purchased at ticket vending machines located at each Metro Rail Station. These machines only accept cash.





Employers can offer their employees a pre-tax benefit for transit use. Employers using Metro Perk reduce payroll taxes, and employees reduce their taxable income, saving approximately 30% on the cost of a Metro Pass. This program can be combined with additional subsidies provided by employers for their employees in order to lower the cost of taking transit to work even more.

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