Bike Parking

Looking for some tips on keeping your bike safe? Want to make your business more bicycle friendly? Check out the information below on bicycle parking, and check out our Interactive Map to see major bike parking locations.


1. Never leave your bike unattended, even if you’re just running into a store for “just a minute.” At the very least lock the rear wheel to the frame so no one can ride it away.

2. Securely lock your bike frame to a fixed object, and if possible also lock removable parts such as wheels and seats. Check poles to make sure they are securely bolted to the ground and can’t be removed. Even if you keep your bikes in your garage, lock them up to something that is secured to the floor, walls or ceiling. Many bikes are stolen from garages–once a thief gets in the garage, all your bikes are now his.

3. Don’t rely on cable locks. Almost all of them can be cut in seconds with handheld tools. Get a more serious U-lock. Cable locks can be useful for securing wheels and seats to the frame. Inexpensive Kryptonite U-locks are available at our Community Bicycle Workshop, 98 Colvin Ave.

4. Lock your bike in well-lit and well-travelled areas and if you consistently go to the same destination (think daily commute), don’t lock it up in the same location every day.

5. Don’t leave your bike outside overnight. Find indoor secure parking whenever possible.


Would you like to have a bicycle rack installed in front of your business? Through a partnership with the City of Buffalo, GObike Buffalo’s signature blue bicycle racks are installed free of charge along commercial districts throughout Buffalo. 

The City of Buffalo currently advises anyone interested in a free rack to place a request via the City of Buffalo’s 311 page.

  1. Scroll down to select Streets and Sidewalks

  2. Select Request a Free Bike Rack

  3. On the new page that pops up, follow the prompts on the 311 page to request a free bike rack

Request a free bike


Looking for a custom rack or want to install racks on private property? GObike can do all the work for you, including installation. Click here for more information.


Want to make it easier to bike to work? Provide your employees with indoor, secure bike parking. We can help you plan out, order and install bicycle accommodations at your workplace – from bike racks to lockers, changing rooms and showers. Contact us for more information.


Combine biking with NFTA-Metro Bus and Rail! You and your bike can ride along at no extra fee – every NFTA Bus now has bike racks, and riders are allowed to take their bikes on Metro Rail cars as well. Click here for more information.

GObike Buffalo also manages bike-n-ride parking at several Metro Rail Stations. University Station and LaSalle Station both have bicycle parking lockers available free of charge to GObike Buffalo members. You’ll receive a key to a locker, which keeps your bike hidden, secure and out of the elements.